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Data Center Decommissioning, Demolition, & Asset Liquidation

  • Create immediate cash flow
  • Free up valuable storage space
  • Focus on your core business & products
  • Obtain high recovery values
  • Guarantee environmentally responsible disposal of non-resalable assets
  • Reduce the burden on your Staff

Data center Power Equipment will evaluate your surplus inventory for Free, and our prices are based on prevailing market prices.

Turnkey solution for your used or surplus equipment!


  • Assembling a list of potential buyers
  • Running an auction
  • Dealing with non-stop vendor calls
  • Drawing up complicated legal contracts
  • Packing and shiping the equipment

One call to Data Center Power Equipment solves the whole problem. We will make you a flat cash offer for your equipment, send a simple purchase agreement, and arrange payment and pickup all with no hassles or confusion.

What’s the key? Commitment and Communication.

Data Center Power Equipment has a policy of paying for equipment within 15 days of removal from your site. Many purchases are paid for before the equipment even leaves the premises.