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Refrigerant Recovery

“Refrigerant Recovery that you will be amazed by.” Our Program is designed to help any HVAC or Mechanical Contractor ! 

Data Center Power Equipment provides recovery services in addition to partnering with other industry experts in refrigerant recovery services – whether it’s advanced chiller systems or simpler rooftop units. We ensure that we deliver the best recovery speed and fees for refrigerant recovery services, along with exceptional recovered refrigerant buyback prices.

Our nationwide partnerships with these leading Refrigerant Recovery Experts, allows us to optimize the solution and assist you with your rapid refrigerant recovery service needs

Key things to remember about DCPE refrigerant recovery services are: 

  • Fast refrigerant recovery
  • Low refrigerant recovery fees
  • High R-22 buyback and other refrigerant buyback values
  • Exceptional customer service and follow-up 
  • Top-notch equipment and efficient refrigerant recovery practices
  • Always ‘on call‘

There is no refrigerant recovery job that is too big or too small. We pay you TOP DOLLAR on all volumes of recovered refrigerant (a.k.a. refrigerant buy back), and cover all of the freight costs, which also helps offset the cost of the refrigerant recovery service – most often resulting in a significant payment back to you, the HVAC / mechanical contractor.

 We can supply you with ANY SIZE recovery cylinders – that fits your job size and the space onsite. The cylinders can be shipped directly to you or the job site, as required. We offer the best R-22 Buyback and other Refrigerant Buyback prices in the industry.

Please call (817) 845-0333 and ask for a Refrigerant Specialist or email for a quote, if you have a refrigerant recovery job for which you need help.

The Key Details of The AC Refrigerant Buyback Program


We GUARANTEE that you will be SATISFIED with “The AC Refrigerant Buyback Program” or … … Data Center Power Equipment will pick up your refrigerant recovery cylinder(s) and refund your deposit – ZERO CONCERNS !


We will deliver empty and pick up full recovery cylinders at your location, and pay all freight to and from our facilities.


We provide detailed reports on the refrigerant weight and purity in each cylinder. Not only do we include these components and pay you for your recovered refrigerant, but we also package the refrigerant buyback program with expert service and commitment to quality. PAYMENT We will pay you within 30 days from date of receipt of refrigerant recovery cylinder(s).


DCPE uses an AHRI-certified Laboratory to assure our customers that our quality control is paramount, and the lab results match precisely what is in your recovery cylinder(s) – EVERY TIME. And, this further sets us apart, ensuring no results/analyses bias !


 Upon receipt of your filled 30-, 50 -, 125-, 240-, or 1000-pound recovery cylinders, we’ll send back an equal amount of clean, ‘in-date’, deep vacuumed, empty cylinders.


We will provide hydrostatic testing for cylinder recertification and cylinder painting at no additional fee – unlike our competitors who charge for this service!